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open access was instituted to allow choice for end users. choice begets competition and its benefits. if you are not employing competition in choosing an energy supplier, how can you be sure your company is benefiting from open access? even if you are receiving offers from several suppliers, how are you comparing them? there are many components to energy costs, which may or may not be apparent in supplier’s offers or contracts. if the cost components are not properly assessed, you may be leaving money on the table. we spend countless hours interviewing suppliers and reviewing, analyzing and auditing supplier's products, as well as reviewing and negotiating contract terms and conditions. unless you have done the same, can you be comfortable with your choice?

getting it right

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as someone who is responsible for managing your company’s energy costs, you need to provide the due diligence to support whatever choice you make. this can be a time intensive effort that will most certainly require knowledge, experience and independence to execute properly. that’s where we come in.

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the cornerstone energy group, inc. offers experience, knowledge and independence which affords you the ability to make clear, informed and confident decisions. our principals have been assisting end users with energy issues since before electric deregulation began in illinois. we have nearly 50 combined years of utility and industry knowledge at our fingertips and no financial relationship with energy suppliers.